Olde Towne Carriage House

102 South Victoria Pueblo, Colorado 81003


     The Olde Towne Carriage Building was built in 1893 as part of the Stewart brothers business operations. They first started their business in the late 1870; this building was an expansion to their adjacent blacksmith business. In 1882, they enlarged the business to include some of the finest built carriages, road wagons and victorias (a horse-drawn carriage with four wheels and a folding canopy) in all of Colorado and the southwest.

The Hyde Paper Company occupied the building from 1918 to 1919, during this time the building caught fire; pictures can be seen with smoke billowing from every window. The building was in the middle of the 1921 flood, but survived. In 1930 to the 1950’s the building was the home of the Fruit Growers Association and the Associated Grocers operation. In 1972 until 2004, Stan Cope and his family owned the building. They sold office supplies and repaired typewriters for all of Southern Colorado.

In 2004, four partners purchased and renovated the building naming it “The Olde Towne Carriage House.” Today, the upper floor is a modern meeting and reception hall accommodating 300 guests overlooking the majestic Pueblo Riverwalk. The ground level has also been updated to house retail spaces.

The final phase of renovating the historic building is available for development. A 7000 square feet lower level, opening up to the Riverwalk water level.